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  • What are eyelash extensions?
    Lash Extensions are synthetic strands that are made to replicate a natural eyelash. When applied, eyelash extensions lengthen and thicken your own natural eyelashes. Single strands are applied to each individual eyelash, one by one. With proper application, lash extensions look and feel completely natural.
  • How long does the lash extension last?
    Usually up to a month. Depending on your natural lash’s life cycle. Natural eyelashes grow in and fall out in cycles (25days-29days), so we recommend 2 weeks touch-up.
  • Do you provide fill up services?
    Yes! The first to second week is $30-$50 top up and third week will be counted as a new set!
  • Are eyelash extensions safe?
    The application process is painless and relaxing that most clients fall asleep during the procedure. However, improper application by an unqualified eyelash technician can cause damage to your natural lashes. We are trained and certified lash artist and we uses glue made in Korea & Taiwan in consideration of safety as much as possible. Lucky Lash & Brow only uses pharmaceutical grade adhesive which never comes in contact with your skin. Synthetic eyelashes are adhered about 1mm away from your skin.
  • How long does the procedure take?
    Approximately 90mins to 120mins depending on the number strands.
  • Can I apply mascara to my eyelash extensions?
    We do not recommend to apply mascara. DO NOT USE OIL-BASED OR WATER-PROOF MASCARA as they can dissolve the bonding agent used and they can shorten the life of your eyelash extensions. We are selling Gel Coating that offers a thicker, more vivid look; perfect for completing your eyelash extensionapplication. This product not only increases bonding strength, extending the life of the lashes but it also leaves a lovely glossy finish. The Gel Coating protects the lashes from oil, moisture and dust.. Please check with us at our homebased salon.
  • How do I take care of my eyelash extension?
    +After putting on eyelash extensions: Avoid touching your eyes for at least 24 hours. Avoid washing your face, taking a bath or sauna, or exercises that will cause a lot of perspiration. + When washing your face: Avoid using oil-based, cream-type or milk-type makeup removers. Use of oil-free makeup removers is recommended. + When you sleep: Your eyelash extensions may come off or become distorted if you sleep facing downward or with your face pressed against the pillow, so some care is needed when you sleep. + Avoid touching the eyelash extensions as much as possible.
  • Can I swim, shower, exercise, or visit a spa while wearing Eyelash Extensions?"
    Yes. The bonding agent used to apply your eyelash extensions is waterproof and allows you to shower, swim, exercise etc. However, do avoid doing any of these activities during the first 24 hours after the application.
  • How do I choose the look I want?
    Eyelash extensions are available in a number of lengths and thickness. The lash artist will consult with you to understand what type of style will suit you that you may be interested in. The overall look of the lashes is very natural.
  • What is Microblading?
    Microblading is a technique where fine lines are scratched into the surface of the skin, and pigment embedded. The strokes accurately replicate hair (as in a brow or hairline). Results can last from 1 to 2 years, depending on a variety of factors such as color of pigment, skin type, and lifestyle.
  • What is Semi Permanent Makeup
    Semi permanent makeup are treatments that replicate perfectly applied conventional makeup, most frequently on the brows, lash line, lips, and hairline. This is done by inserting cosmetic pigments into the dermis layer of the skin. Also known as Microblading, Micro-Pigmentation, Brow Embroidery, and Cosmetic Tattooing.
  • How long does the result for Semi Permanent Makeup last?
    It can last about 1 to 2 years. Hair color, skin type, after-care, and lifestyle also affect longevity of the results. Occasional touch-ups are a way to refresh the results. Done correctly, the treatments do not change color and fade naturally away with time. For areas such as brows, this allows future flexibility with shape, as standards of beauty change. Please note even if not visible to the eye, there will always be vestigial pigment permanently embedded in the skin.
  • Is Semi Permanent Makeup painful?
    There is some discomfort associated with the procedure and some who had also experience painfree. A topical anesthetic is used to numb the area. Some say the sensation is similar to getting threaded. Other factors such as menstrual cycles also affect level of sensitivity.
  • Is Semi Permanent Makeup safe?
    All our pigments are cosmetic grade, meaning that they are sterilized and purified for cosmetic use. Be wary of products that have not met safety standards, including those that contain “vegetable dyes” that are unstable and may change color after time. In addition, all our tools are single-use and discarded after the treatment. Our specialists are highly trained and experienced professionals.
  • Who can benefit from eyebrow embroidery treatment?
    If you: + have over-plucked your eyebrow hair + have gaps or scars where the hair has not grown back + are suffering from Alopecia (hair loss), weak or light hair + want a particular shape or fuller looking eyebrows
  • How is the process for Microblading?
    The artist will create your brow shape by hand. A topical numbing cream is applied that stays on for about 20 minutes, and then a special tool is used to make small, hair-shaped incisions in the skin underneath the brow-- this technique is also known as Microblading. The shallow cuts are filled with highest-grade pharmaceutical pigments selected to match or darken arches. The treatment takes about 90 minutes, with enough time to assess each step of the way.
  • Will eyebrow embroidery look natural?
    Yes, eyebrow embroidery looks as if you have filled in your brows with pencil but a little softer and more muted. Immediately after the treatment the colour will appear stronger and darker for the first 7-14 days. After that, you can lose approximately 50-60% of complete colour during the healing process within 7-14 days.
  • What should I do to prepare for my Semi Permanent Makeup procedure?
    + Discontinue use of any retinol products one week prior to the service. + No tanning 4 days prior to service. + No waxing or tinting 3 days before. + Do not take Advil for 24 hours prior to appointment (Tylenol is okay). + Wash your hair, you will need to refrain from this for a few days after. + Please note that you will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle. Therefore, we recommend to do this procedure only after your last day of menstruations. + No caffeine or alcohol 24 hours prior to service.
  • What to do after my Semi Permanent Makeup treatment?
    + Avoid Sun Exposure + Avoid any exfoliants during the healing process (7-14 days) + Avoid swimming pools, the beach, steam rooms and saunas during the healing process (7-14 days). + no picking or peeling your brows as you may remove pigment + No facials, Botox, chemical treatments, or exfoliation for 4 weeks after treatment + Apply after-care products recommended by us. + Avoid washing the area in the first 3 days. + Avoid spicy food, seafood and hot soup or water if you had done lip embroidery.
  • What to expect after I have done my Semi Permanent Makeup treatment?
    During healing, it’s normal to experience some pigment loss; this is why we have the touch up in place. The process is considered to be complete 4 weeks after the second touch up.
  • Is there any touch up services includes for Semi Permanent Makeup treatments?
    Yes! One touch up is included after 1 month and within 6 months. Touch up cost is ranging from $30 to $50.
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