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New Year, New (Fabulous) Brows

Want to have a stronger brow game this 2018? Now you can – without burning a hole in your pocket! From now till 31 March, make an appointment with Lucky Lash & Brow for eyebrow embroidery and get the brows of your dreams.

If you intend to enhance your brows but are unsure about the options you have, then read on to find out more about each unique style.

Classic 6D Eyebrow Microblading

For those with sparse brows who wish to darken or fill in gaps but end up with a realistic, natural look, the Classic 6D look is perfect for you.

With realistic hair-like strands that get drawn in one stroke at a time using the microblading technique, each line of pigment is very thin and flow in the same direction as your natural eyebrow hairs. Hence, there’s no doubt that you would end up with more defined brows that would frame your face beautifully.

Price: $338 instead of $388

Korean Misty Eyebrow

Unlike the Classic 6D brows that are achieved by the stroke-by-stroke technique, Korean Misty brows would give your brows a misty, powdery look which is similar to that of makeup. Yes, that means you can say goodbye to your eyebrow pencil or powder and get those extra 10 minutes of sleep!

The Korean Misty look is achieved with a gradient that starts with a lighter shade where the brows begin before gradually getting darker towards the eyebrow tails. The result is a gorgeous ombre makeup effect which would jazz up your everyday look.

Price: $538 instead of $588

6D & Misty Combination

As the name suggests, the 6D & Misty combination makes use of both techniques in each individual style. That means the brow artist would do a mixture of individually drawn strokes that perfectly mimic your brow’s natural hair colour as well as direction, and there would also be a graduated colour that fills in your brows for a lush, multidimensional effect, similar to brow powder.

The 6D & Misty combination brows help you to achieve that youthful, effortless look that would be able to complement the features of both a bare face, or one with dramatic makeup on. With such versatility, it comes as no surprise that this is one of the biggest eyebrow trends that has taken Korea by storm.

Price: $688 instead of $788

Get the brows you’ve always wanted and start the year on a fabulous note! Book your appointment with Lucky Lash & Brow at 91293112.

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