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I Did Eyelash Extensions and Here’s Why I Keep Going Back

Have you ever wondered why some of your friends constantly get eyelash extensions? For those who haven’t tried it yet, rest assured that it’s not really an expensive “addiction” – but rather, the convenience that comes with it (especially if you have a big event!) or the confidence boost you get when you wake up feeling fabulous.

Curious? Today, we find out from our customer, Elaine Loh, why she comes back for lash extensions.

“It would be a lie if I say that my lash extensions do not save me at least 10 minutes from my daily makeup routine!” reveals Elaine. “When I have lash extensions, I usually skip my eye makeup, especially eyeliner, since it can be quite a tedious process to apply it perfectly.”

She also explains that there isn’t a need to bring along eye makeup with her when she goes out, as she wouldn’t require a mid-day touch up. Psst! If you’re someone who values extra time in dreamland, Elaine has good news for you.

“I also get more sleep before waking up for work,” she smiles.

Apart from saving time on her makeup routine, another thing Elaine loves about lash extensions is how effortless it is to look on point, even without eye makeup.

“Having thicker and longer lashes helps to enhance your look without requiring so much effort,” says Elaine. “Whenever I get my lashes done, I always receive compliments despite not putting any eye makeup.”

So how does Elaine know which lash style suits her best?

“After trying several different lash styles, I now know which one flatters my face,” she reveals. “The process can be pretty smooth if you go to an experienced and credible lash stylist.”

“However, it can be a nightmare if you go to a salon without doing sufficient research or reading enough honest reviews about them,” she adds.

Elaine first got eyelash extensions three years ago, and although was skeptical at first, managed to overcome it. “I was worried that it might go wrong,” she admits. “However, I was very influenced and tempted by those who have posted about their good experiences online.”

Now, she gets lash extensions whenever she’s going on an overseas trip or celebrating a special occasion. After all, it never hurts to wake up feeling pretty!

“I always rave about how lash extensions help me to save lots of time and effort, so I would definitely recommend it to my friends,” shares Elaine. “For those planning to get it for the first time, don’t rush into the cheapest place without doing your research first!”

Thinking of getting your lashes done? Why not speak to our lash artist today! Book your appointment via our page or call 9129 3112.

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