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Look Your Best On Your Wedding With Our Big Day Promo

Brides-to-be, here’s a wedding hack to help you look on point during your special day: eyelash extensions. When coupled with the right makeup look, there’s no doubt that lash extensions would enhance your features and you’d sparkle on your wedding day!

As all of us at Lucky Lash & Brow understand the stress that comes with looking wedding-ready, we’ve partnered with Zen Makeup ( to put together an exclusive wedding bundle just for you.

Now, you must be wondering why eyelash extensions are necessary when falsies are an option. After all, makeup artists usually have some falsies on hand and they can easily be put on with a strip of glue in a matter of minutes. However, have you thought about what could potentially happen i.e. if you tear up while giving your speech? Yikes! We sure hope nothing would ruin your special moment!

According to makeup artist Zennie, sometimes water-resistant eyelash glue isn’t even strong enough to guarantee a 100% stay rate for falsies.

“Due to factors like Singapore’s [humid] weather, clients who have oily eyelids or teary eyes sometimes feedback to me that their falsies dropped off,” she shares. “Because of that, I recommend eyelash extensions.”

Apart from that, lash extensions would be more flattering because our lash artist would analyse your face and customise an option that best suits you, according to your desired look. The process would take a longer time, but it’s definitely worth it as your customised look would suit you more than generic falsies.

If you’re generally not a fan of falsies because you find them heavy on your lids, here’s the good news – lash extensions feel much lighter and are way more comfortable than that. “Eyelash extensions are so light and fluffy, sometimes you’d forget that you even have them on,” reveals Valerie, lash artist of Lucky Lash & Brow.

Curious about the lash extension process? Then watch our video to find out first hand from singer/MC Amanda Lee, a fellow bride-to-be, and hear about her experience with extensions!

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