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Here's How To Choose The Most Flattering Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

It’s no secret that eyebrows are important when it comes to enhancing your facial features. After all, they frame your eyes and can make or break your look.

When it comes to choosing the ideal brow shape for your face, certain factors like face shape, eye shape and even the distance between your eyes must be taken into consideration. At Lucky Lash & Brow, we understand that eyebrows are not a one size fits all solution. Hence, our brow artist will spend at least 15 to 30 minutes on a consultation and draw eyebrows that best suit your unique features.

The right brow shape would help open up your eye area an also improve your face’s symmetry. The result leaves you looking fresher and more balanced. By determining the shape, height and length according to Golden Ratioface measurements, our brow artist will carefully analyse your features and choose an arch style, design and size that flatters your face best.

Apart from that, the style of eyebrow embroidery also plays a part in enhancing your look. While 6D Microbladingis suitable for everyone, it is better to opt for a 6D and Korean Misty Combiif you have a more sparse brow tail with a fuller front. Those who wish to achieve a natural yet trendy look, the Korean Mistyis the look to go for. Learn more about our brow embroidery options here.

In a nutshell, this is the best eyebrow shape you could go for when choosing based on face shape.


Oval face: A balanced, classic brow would complement this well-proportioned face shape. As this face shape is versatile with several styles, the brow artist would work with your facial dimensions to create your ideal look.


Heart shaped face: Although bold brows are on trend right now, this is something that shouldn’t be overdone if you have a heart shaped face – as the bulk of focus is already on your forehead and eyes. Straight brows that aren’t too thick work best for you. Hence, a simple, soft shape for eyebrow embroidery would avoid drawing more attention to your forehead.


Round face: In order to create definition in your bone structure, a sharp arch would help create a vertical point on your face. As a result, your features would be lifted upwards instead of outwards. The distance of your eyes would also be a key factor in creating your ideal brow shape. As for your brow embroidery, be sure to opt for a more ombre look, which would help emphasize the brow arch and tail more.


Square face: Thick eyebrows with a strong arch help to balance your bold jawline. A soft colour for your brow embroidery would add definition and shape to your features.


Long face: Straight brows work best for this face shape, as they would help to balance your vertically stretched features by creating harmony and highlighting horizontal

features. By elongating your brow’s tail during eyebrow embroidery, you can emphasize things horizontally.


Ready to get your brows on fleek? Book your appointment with Lucky Lash & Brow at 91293112 or via our services page.

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