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Get Your Brows and Lashes Ready for the World!

Now that we’re moving on to Phase 2, are you ready to look and feel your best again? We’re excited to help you get the brows and lashes of your dreams since we are re-opening tomorrow!

Whether you’re returning back to the office, going on that date with your favourite person or finally meeting your friends for dinner, you definitely want your brows and lashes to be on fleek. After all, when you feel good about yourself, your confidence gets a boost and you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Because we believe that you deserve a treat after being home for the last couple of months, enjoy $20 off your eyelash extensions and 20% off brow embroidery services (except for touch up)!

Those who are doing your lashes, you’ll get a free lash spa, lash spoolie, facial sponge and touch up within the first week. If you’re planning on getting your brows done, you’ll get a free repair cream, saline for cleaning, facial sponge and one free touch up within the next three months.

Psst! These sweet deals will only be around for the rest of June, so book your appointment with us at 9129 3112 or via our services page ASAP. See you soon!

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